Folly Group offer a further taste of their debut album with ‘I’ll Do What I Can’

Folly Group release I'll Do What I Can

London post-punk act Folly Group have released another taste of their forthcoming debut album, a gritty and frenetic cut titled ‘I’ll Do What I Can’.

With Down There! slated for release in January 2024, the band have already previously shared ‘Big Ground’ and ‘Strange Neighbour’, both of which highlighted the disparate sounds they meld together to create an often claustrophobic atmosphere in their songs.

With a dark and brooding tone bleeding through the song, ‘I’ll Do What I Can’ feels more adjacent to contemporaries such as The Murder Capital than it does their frequent points of comparison such as Wire or Crack Cloud – opting for a driving drum beat in the chorus rather than the often disjointed rhythms (although they do appear sparingly).

Folly Group have been slowly accruing attention for their direct approach to the genres they traverse, and with the debut album arriving via tastemakers So Young Records, there is plenty of anticipation for the band to step up a gear from their two earlier EPs and deliver something extraordinary.

The song is accompanied by a video courtesy of arts collective CLUMP, who add to the track’s gloomy aura by casting the band into the shadows and obscuring them with static and the occasional intense flashes of light.

Photo credit: Matt Ritson

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