The National share surprise album ‘Laugh Track’: featuring Bon Iver, Phoebe Bridgers and Rosanne Cash

The National share surprise album Laugh Track featuring Bon Iver and Phoebe Bridgers

Laugh Track marks the band’s second LP of the year, following April’s First Two Pages of Frankenstein.

The National have released a surprised album today (18th Sep), with Laugh Track marking ten studio albums since the band’s inception in 1999.

The cover art for this new collection pays homage to that of its April predecessor, with August single ‘Alphabet City‘ and 2022 Bon Iver collaboration ‘Weird Goodbyes‘ both appearing on the tracklist.

Billed by the band as a “surprise double album” alongside First Two Pages of Frankenstein, Aaron Dessner has previously stated that over 25 songs had been completed during the album sessions.

Alongside Bon Iver’s contributions on ‘Weird Goodbyes’, Laugh Track sees collaborations from Rosanne Cash (on ‘Crumble‘) and Phoebe Bridgers on the album’s titular namesake, Laugh Track.

The National tour the UK & Europe later this month. Tickets available here.

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