Best new songs this week: Ob Picks (31/5/2024)

Fat Possum band Honeyglaze promotional shot

DOWNER // Dean Blunt, Panda Bear, Vegyn
The ‘DOWNER’ cast list makes for a mouth-watering trifecta of names, with touches of Panda Bear’s soft phychedelia adorning Blunt & Vegyn’s trademark dulled guitar riffs and lo-fi percussion. Released via Blunt’s singular WORLD MUSIC label

Metronomy x Miki x Faux Real // Contact High
Metronomy are returning with part two of their Posse EP series on 12th July, featuring the likes of Nourished by Time, SPIDER, LYNKS, Pan Amsterdam, Master Peace and TaliaBle. ‘Contact High’ sees Franco-Korean artist Miki tessellating with Faux Real’s energy to irresistible results.

John Glacier // Steady As I Am
John Glacier is slowly becoming one of the UK’s most exciting artists and her second project of 2024, Duppy Gun, is well worth an asterisk in anyone’s diary (it’s out 20th June, btw).

Honeyglaze // Don’t
Newly signed to Fat Possum, Honeyglaze are back with their first new music in two years, and the newfound confrontation of ‘Don’t’ is worth the wait. Check out our Q&A with the band from this year’s Simple Things festival.

Juxtaposing a sunny soundbed with urgent lyrics, ‘SELL ME SICKNESS SELL ME HEALTH’ is your dream introduction to LA artist Sideshow before getting lost in his vast discography.

Papa Jupe’s T.C. // Milgi
Cardiff outfit Papa Jupe’s T.C. have a little of everything; the bite of post-punk, a ring of synths and the toe-tapping bounce of indie-pop.

featured image: Honeyglaze by Kalpesh Lathigra

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