Best new songs this week: Ob picks (15/3/24)

New York producer Chanel Beads on white background

Metronomy X Pan Amsterdam // Nice Town
The ever-evolving Metronomy have newly signed with Ninja Tune, and how is this this for a first impression! ‘Nice Town’ pairs an archaic hip-hop flow with a modern twist, featuring NYC’s Pan Amsterdam.

Mount Kimbie // Empty And Silent (feat. King Krule)
Mount Kimbie have reignited the creative partnership with King Krule which has birthed all-timers like ‘Blue Train Lines‘ and ‘You Took Your Time‘. With both artists set to appear at Glastonbury Festival, ‘Empty And Silent’ could make for one of the summer’s highpoints.

Chanel Beads // Embarrassed Dog
Producer Shane Lavers may have been collecting props in New York’s DIY scene for a couple of years now, but the transcendental pop of ‘Embarrassed Dog’ is a short taster from an artist who is primed to go global.

Home Counties // You Break It, You Bought It
Set to Home Counties’ brand of toe-tapping artpunk, the death to landlords sentiment has never sounded quite so danceable.

Fabiana Palladino // I Can’t Dream Anymore
With her eponymous debut album arriving in April, Fabiana whets our appetite with the dreamy balladry of ‘I Can’t Dream Anymore’. The track’s Radio Caroline-inspired video is also well worth a watch.

Beige Banquet // People
London outfit Beige Banquet have shared new album Ornamental Hermit this week; as angular riffs and a timeless DIY sensibility make for a killer collection of tracks.

featured image: Chanel Beads by Lauren Davis

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