Best new songs this week: Ob Picks (8/3/24)

Mura Masa (Alexander Crossan) releases new track 'Still'

Mura Masa // Still
We continue to follow Masa’s lead towards the sweatiest depths of the dancefloor, as he pushes on with a killer run of beat-focused releases. ‘Still’ benefits from a mutated vocal topline courtesy of Griff.

Louis Culture // Anyway
Louis Culture teaming up with Sorry‘s Asha Lorenz wasn’t on our 2024 bingo card, but we’re all over it. Producer Jim Reed joins the mix to make ‘Anyway’ one of our favourite Culture cuts to date.

Porij // Unpredictable
Feather-light vocals collude effortlessly with flashes of UK Garage to make for a 3 minute fairground ride of endorphins, on ‘Unpredictable’. Porij’s April 24th headline show at Electric Ballroom is going to be quite a night.

Brevin Kim // razrblade (w/ Godley the ruler)
No genre is safe from the clutches of LA-via-Massachusetts duo Brevin Kim, and ‘razrblade”s violent mashup of industrial instrumentation and alt hip-hop begs to be played on repeat.

The New Eves // Astrolabe
With shows coming up at SXSWThe Great Escape and Wide Awake, you’re going to be seeing a lot of The New Eves this summer – and you won’t catch us complaining.

cruush // Cotton Wool
Quarter-life dread has never sounded quite so enchanting as ‘Cotton Wool’ sees Manchester’s cruush navigating the uncertainty of life in your mid-twenties.

featured image: Will Reid

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