Bandcamp suffers lay offs following Songtradr acquisition

Bandcamp announces 50% staff cut following Songtradr acquisition

The independent music site has laid off approximately 50% of its staff.

Bandcamp has been purchased by Songtradr from Epic Games, leading to cutbacks in staff. The indie music platform and discovery site was sold to Epic Games in 2022 but has now been handed over less than a year later to the music licensing platform, Songtradr.

Around 50% of Bandcamp staff were extended offers to continue with Songtradr, with the remaining 50% offered a severance package. This comes after Epic Games let go of 830 employees last month due to reported overspending by the company.

In a statement from the company, they will aim to keep the Bandcamp experience the same but do not recognise the union formed by Bandcamp employees earlier this year.

“There were reductions made across all departments,” according to a spokesperson for Songtradr. “And all departments still have original Bandcamp employees.”

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