Emunclaw return with new EP, ‘These Are Some B-Sides’

The Washington group share some electric leftovers from their debut record.

Today, Enumclaw return with a new EP, These Are Some B-Sides, out now via Luminelle Recordings. The three recordings were produced and engineered by Chaz Bear (Toro y Moi). The three track project is a series of gems that show why Enumclaw have created such a buzz in the UK after breaking out from the States.

These Are Some B-Sides delivers that nineties swagger Enumclaw are known for, an undeniable DIY aesthetic around every track on this project.

Fuck Love, I Just Bought a New Truck‘ is concise, a gentle cut of indie rock, chorus drenched guitars and a lazy vocal delivery immediately nostalgic. Frontman Aramis Johnson’s lyrics move between tongue in cheek and earnest – a tricky balance to execute well, but Enumclaw do just that. While the title of the release downplays the songs, it turns out these tracks are more than just mere B-sides.

Enumclaw recently featured on Speedy Wunderground’s SXSW EP alongside Revival Season and alexalone.

Photo credit: Colin Matsui

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