Francis of Delirium muses on past relationships on ‘First Touch’

Francis of Delirium releases First Touch

Jana Bahrich, better known as Francis of Delirium has released her latest single, ‘First Touch’, a tender indie-folk cut that offers a bittersweet reflection upon a first whirlwind romance.

Similar to her previous single, ‘Real Love’, the Luxembourgish singer-songwriter makes a slight detour from the fuzzed-out tones of her earlier works and pares her sound back to focus on laying gentler textures over acoustic guitars.

These two recent singles that have seen Bahrich begin to establish a new direction follow a trio of EPs released since the project began in 2020, and show a sense of artistic development from the 22-year-old in the way she is altering her approach to songcraft to create something more broad in its scope.

Taking inspiration from the lilting country-pop of Sheryl Crow, the track is tinged with a sense of nostalgia that feels typical of the style around turn of the millennium, but there’s no reason for it to feel trapped in that particular time. As Bahrich recalls a former relationship in the song’s lyrics, there’s plenty of contemplation about how things were handled naively, but an empowered sense of fondness for the past – something universally recognisable.

‘First Touch’ is out now via Dalliance Recordings.

Photo credit: Holly Whittaker

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