Spotify outline details of planned ‘digital mixtape’ feature

Spotify to launch Mixtape feature

Ubiquitous streaming giant Spotify has launched a new patent for a feature that would allow users to integrate their own audio files and recordings into playlists on their platform.

Much like their previous attempts to revolutionise aspects of the music-listening experience that are perfectly functional as they are, the feature is said to explore the idea of giving users the ability to create what could be compared to the alien concept of ‘mixtapes’ – or wilder still, ‘radio shows’.

From a technological standpoint, it is unclear as to whether this would require creation of a separate application or become a feature of the pre-existing Spotify app, much like their recently-introduced and instantly irritating AI-generated DJ feature.

While Spotify’s existence has undeniably shifted the way music is consumed for the 21st century, this new development could spark competition with other services such as Mixcloud, whose market has often focused on catering to online radio broadcasters, podcasters and DJs posting mixes.

This interesting concept could however hold potential to allow more users to share their taste and offer up their insight into carefully created playlists, but on the other hand could also remove the large amounts of the creativity and personal touch that goes into creating mixtapes by diluting it into something too accessible and contribute to the homogenisation of the medium.

You can read the full document outlining the specifics of the patent here (courtesy of Music Business Worldwide)

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