Trophie shares new experimental-pop release ‘ALONE’

Trophie shares new experimental-pop release 'ALONE'

Rising experimental artist Trophie teams up with Mancunian rapper Iceboy Violet on their brand-new single ‘ALONE featuring a cinematic music video. 

Hailing from Australia, genre-bending visual artist and songstress Trophie is back with a stunning new release following her critically acclaimed debut EP Dark City in 2022. ‘ALONE’ is Trophie’s debut single of the year and is an ominous release featuring accompanying vocals from Manchester-based rapper Iceboy Violet .

Tackling themes of loss and despair, throughout ‘ALONE’ the pair eloquently channel the feelings of disconnect through disjointed visuals and sparse vocal delivery. Both visually and melodically performing a piece that has you tipped at the edge of your seat, throughout ‘ALONE’ Trophie and Iceboy have produced an emotionally raw project exploring the self-deprecating feelings of defeat.

From the moment you press play you’re transported into an exhilarating journey of breathy harmonies, warped production and jolting visuals. The single comes with minimalistic pop sensibilities and plenty of experimental electronica to sink your teeth into. Throughout ‘ALONE’ Trophie and Iceboy prove that they’re quite an unstoppable force as their vocal deliveries effortlessly compliment one other.

Speaking about the single Trophie says: “I wrote this track after losing someone very close to me. The track is about feeling too scared to open up again after the pain and trauma death brings. Everything from the production to the melodies to the lyrics just came to me for this track, I finished it very quickly and knew I wanted Iceboy to feature because of their raw and visceral lyrics and delivery. Iceboy killed it as I knew they would and their performance perfectly feeds into the beat, something I played on when editing their vocals almost making them part of the percussive landscape in sections.”

Trophie boastfully bounces back from her 2022 EP with another thought-provoking release.

Credits as follows:

Videography/Production/Direction: Emily Hagan
Styled by: oliver.kgh
Jewellery pieces: Baba lou Tana Webb
Hair and make up: Hannah Shaikhup

Photography and CGI design: David Oldenburg
Styled by: Luca Wowczyna
MUA: Megumi Matsuno

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