Former Gang Leader Charged with Tupac Murder

Duane "Keffe D" Davis arrested in suspicion of Tupac Shakur's murder

On Friday 29 September, Duane “Keffe D” David, 60, was indicted by Nevada’s Grand Jury for one count of murder with a deadly weapon.

In 1996, the rapper was shot four times in a drive-by attack whilst leaving a boxing match on the Las Vegas strip. Tupac Shakur was 25 years old at the time, dying in hospital six days later.

The hip-hop legend was incredibly influential in the 1990s with hits such as ‘All Eyez on Me’ and ‘Keep Ya Head Up’. His untimely death has been the subject of conspiracy theories and a decades-long investigation.

“For 27 years, the family of Tupac Shakur has been waiting for justice,” said Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Sheriff Kevin McMahill at the news conference. “The investigation started on the night of September 7th, 1996,” McMahill continued. “It is far from over. It has taken countless hours, really decades, of work by the men and women of our homicide section to get to where we are today.”

It is reported that Mr Davis planned the murder after his nephew had been involved in a fight with Sakur. 

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