Viji shares ‘Karaoke’, ahead of debut album

Viji announces debut album So Vanilla with Karaoke

The Speedy Wunderground-signed starlet delivers another taste of her forthcoming debut album

Viji has shared another glimpse of her debut studio album, So Vanilla, which is set to arrive on October 27th via the legendary Speedy Wunderground. New single, ‘Karaoke’, continues Viji’s penchant for nineties-tinted alt rock, the instrumental are fuzzy, the hooks are sweet and sugary.

“Karaoke is a song that came out of a silly 10 min jam at the end of a writing session,” Viji explains. “I remember picking up the bass and just riffing with some filthy low-end sounds. Dan [Carey] felt the magic and we recorded three or four minutes of us going for it, followed by some guide vocals inspired by shouty Japanese punk songs I like. What the lyrics actually turned into is such a time stamp of what I was going through at that very moment.”

Viji released three EPs through Dirty Hit (1975, Wolf Alice), before announcing her Speedy Wunderground deal with ‘Down‘ earlier this year.

So Vanilla is slated to arrive on October 27th, produced by label owner and production heavyweight Dan Carey.

Photo credit: Nicole Ngai

The track listing for So Vanilla is as follows:
Sundress In Pink
Slip Out Quiet
Say Hi
White Lighter

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