Best new songs this week: Ob picks (26/4/24)

Irish DJ and producer Or:la

Overmono X The Streets // Turn The Page
There are crowd pleasers and then there are CROWD PLEASERS. Overmono fans have been calling for the duo’s edit of The Streets‘ ‘Turn The Page’ to receive a proper release since it was debuted live in 2022.

Nilüfer Yanya // Like I Say (I runaway)
Very few artists can boast the kind of consistency that Nilüfer Yanya packs: she may disappear from time to time, but the comebacks are always worth the wait. ‘Like I Say (I runaway)’ soundtracks the news that Yanya has found a new home at Ninja Tune, a match made in heaven.

Fat Dog // Running
Completing a trifecta singles from the Domino band, ‘Running’ arrives with the announcement that Fat Dog’s debut album WOOF will be with us on 6th September. Surely one of the must-sees over the 2024 festival season.

Or:la // Moonlight Crush
Tailor-made for dark, sweaty dancefloors, Irish producer and DJ Or:la has shared her Moonlight Crush EP via fabric records this week. Freshly back from a trip across the Atlantic, Or:la is one of the standout names on the Waterworks bill in September.

Honesty // BOING (feat. Florence Shaw)
Effectively one gargantuan song, Honesty’s new release, BOX, consists of 34 minutes of continuous music. Dry Cleaning‘s Florence Shaw lends her deadpan charisma on ‘BOING’; a moreish flash in the pan which conjures spacious trance.

dust // Trust U See
There was a time when our only reference point for the Australian city of Newcastle came courtesy of a two year spell for cult footballer Emile Heskey in the 2010s. It’s fair to say that dust’s brand of visceral, tempo-weaving post punk has eclipsed Emile’s cultural contributions to the district and their Autumn 2024 UK tour has almost sold out already, which says it all really.

featured image: Kasia Zacharco

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