Bill Ryder-Jones shares ponderous new single ‘If Tomorrow Starts Without Me’

Bill Ryder-Jones shares new song If Tomorrow Starts Without Me

Cult Liverpool singer-songwriter Bill Ryder-Jones has released another new single, the plaintive and introspective ‘If Tomorrow Starts Without Me’.

After a 5-year dry spell, Ryder-Jones returns in early 2024 with his fifth solo record, Iechyd Da, taking its name from the Welsh phrase for ‘cheers’.

Despite having been active as a songwriter for almost twenty years as a solo artist and as a founding member of The Coral, the new single stems from a source of inspiration that has lived in his mind since he was a teen, with the title being a lyric he has wanted to use for years.

The origin of this simple but pensive statement has a surprising backstory, with Ryder-Jones stating that it “comes from when I was about 15 watching Eurotrash. There was a Thai sex-worker reading from a diary and she just read the words: “What if tomorrow starts without me?”

While the song is simple in its composition and relies on subtle builds of organic instrumentation, it’s the lyrical content that comes with a great emotional heft, and Ryder-Jones’ trademark whispered vocals add a real feeling of pain and solemnity to the track.

‘If Tomorrow Starts Without Me’ follows previous Iechyd Da teaser ‘This Can’t Go On’, with the full length album being released on January 12th via Domino.

Bill Ryder-Jones will also be performing a series of in-store shows in support of the album release in the same week, and commences his Europe-wide tour in March 2024.

Photo credit: Marieke Macklon

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