Dirty Nice announce new album with ‘SHARK!’

dirty nice announce new album surrenderland

Surrenderland will follow their 2021 debut album Lobster.

A lively cut with an intoxicating sense of fun, ‘SHARK!’ is the fifth single which will feature on the alt duo/cartoon affiliates forthcoming album following ‘This Is Gonna Hurt‘, ‘Sophie, What’s Up‘, ‘Shoes‘ and ‘Henreitte‘.

Dirty Nice consist of Don’t Hug Me, I’m Scared composer Charlie Pelling alongside Lisbon-based musician Mark Thompson.

Surrenderland is both a physical place in time and also a state of mind,” the duo say of the new album. “It acted as a guiding principle for the making of the record, leaning into our instincts and interests, with both the cartoon visuals and the music influencing each other’s processes.”

Pelling and Thompson have seen some A-lister rotation too, with Florence Pugh giving a Dirty Nice shoutout on the Vogue podcast earlier this year.

‘SHARK!’ lands on a bumper day for animated music videos, with both Kate NV and Björk sharing trippy visuals for their tracks ‘Confessions at the Dinner Table‘ and ‘Victimhood‘ respectively.

photo credit: Surrenderland album artwork

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