Kate NV shares animated visuals for ‘Confessions at the Dinner Table’

russian composer kate nv shares video for confessions at the dinner table

The trippy animated sequence features a meatball who breaks free before cascading through a drain, being spat out and plummeting down an infinite staircase.

A collaboration with South London instrumentalist Quinn Oulton, ‘Confessions at the Dinner Table’ is lifted from the Moscow composer’s recent album, WOW.

Having often cited video game music as an inspiration, Kate NV has also shared her own game in which the user races the clock to wash as many dishes as possible. “Games are a way to escape reality, and a game in which you wash dishes seemed ridiculous to me,” the composer explained to Metal Magazine. “Washing dishes actually became a comfort zone where you can accomplish something simple and familiar and have a little bit of control with some immediate results.”

Give Kate NV’s video game a spin here.

The video for ‘Confessions at the Dinner Table’ is directed by Vladimir “Vova” Shlokov, who has headed the visuals for a ton of NV’s releases, including her 2022 track ‘Early Bird‘.

One of two audio projects that Kate has leant her name to this year, WOW‘s bright compositions see influence from 80s Japanese pop and Russian conceptualism to make for a sound which is both escapist and packed absurdist narrative-building. Ticket to Fame, NV’s collaborative project with Decisive Pink and Deradoorian, arrived in June.

Photo credit: Jenia Filatova

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